You could feel good about yourself and love the life you live.

Teaching Creative Solutions For
Mental Health & Happiness.


Life can be wonderful. 

It can also be challenging.  There can be sadness and stress as you navigate the difficulities it throws your way. 

Feelings of low self-worth and negative thoughts can arise, dragging you down.

Or you can ride its waves, confident you can remain afloat with the comfort of having someone there to guide you to calmer waters. 

Enabling you to visualise a brighter horizon.

No matter how bleak your current outlook.

Offering professional and personal experience,

along with natural insight and intuition I will help you overcome feelings of

low self worth, anxiety and depression.

 Sharing tools I have gathered that help make yourself and your life easier to love.


Drawing on the wisdom of Mindfulness, Creative Therapy,

Humanistic Counselling, 12 Step Programme, 

and Therapeutic Photography.

I will help you develop your own sense of self-worth and personal well-being. 

We are each entitled to our own perspectives and seeing things in our own way.......

See what I mean.....?

What do you see?

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