What I Offer...

Having the power to choose your own path to health and happiness is the first step forward.

We will explore.....



I will teach you simple Mindfulness techniques

evidence based to reduce stress and anxiety.

Learning to quieten your mind from the exhaustive mental chatter that can cloud perception and distort reality,

you will learn how to calm yourself from

dark imaginings and negative self-talk.

Mindfulness practice will bring your focus back to the current moment where you will find the power to create positive change and ultimately experience

greater peace and relaxation.


Creative Play

Do you remember creative play as a child? 

Paintings & drawings, potato prints, 

sand-castles on holiday,

daisy chain bracelets,

Lego castles, Fuzzy-Felt Farms?

So many of us put our pencils down when infact

creativity can help you

improve your self-esteem, feel more in control of your life,

express your emotions and reduce stress. 

It can also help you cope with depression and PTSD.

Not to mention rekindle a childlike sense of exploration, stimulation, satisfaction and fun!

No previous experience or creative talent required.

Just a willingness to play and explore.

Pick up what interests you and

be curious as to what you can create in

this non-judgemental environment.

Therapeutic Photography

Therapeutic Photography offers

a fresh focus and opportunity to reframe the world you perceive through the lens of a camera.

Taking control of how you picture your life by creating a photographic image, can increase

Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy and Resilience.

I will set you simple projects, for example:

Take photos of your day.

Photograph anything that makes you feel freedom or safety.

We will explore your world together.

No photographic experience needed although I can teach you the basics should you wish to learn.

Listen & Learn

Quite simply, I will listen to you.

I will not tell you what to do. 

I will help you recognise the choices that are available to you. Where you have the power to create positive change,

I will share appropriate tools with you that have helped me.

With over twenty-five years experience in Self-Development

I can sign-post you to the support systems available to you.

A Walk on the Wild Side

An opportunity to reconnect with the simplicity of life through the healing power of the natural world.

I will take you on a Guided Mindfulness Walk where you will

sense who you are

without judgement and social constraints

Take time to appreciate and absorb life without limitation.

Or we can walk and talk our way

through the situations playing on your mind.

"We're all just walking each other home"  Ram Dass